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NASCAR Plans To Introduce Hybrid Technology

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NASCAR Plans To Introduce Hybrid Technology

“Things in this life change very slowly if they ever change at all,” the Eagles sang in 1979. Those lyrics perfectly describe NASCAR racing, which still treasures its roots in the days of Prohibition when moonshiners risked their lives to outrun Eliot Ness and his revenue agents. For decades, NASCAR has remained a rock in the fast flowing stream of technological change, fiercely resisting any changes that might diminish its allure. No dual overhead camshafts or rack and pinion steering for its cars. It stubbornly resisted the adoption of electronic fuel injection until 8 years ago, decades after it became commonplace on the lowliest family sedans. Last fall, the sport announced it was considering adding some form of hybrid technology to the cars, a move greeted with hoots of derision from some fans, […]

And so it appears electric motors powered by energy recaptured during braking may make an appearance in the sport beginning in 2021. […]

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