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Opinion – Technology: the hidden catalyst for today’s divisions?

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Opinion: Technology: the hidden catalyst for today’s divisions?

Photo caption: Picture courtesy of Justine Hong

How the relationship between technology and politics may influence the contemporary American moment.

If the media is right, President Trump has exacerbated the divisions in our country and heightened disillusionment among Americans. Unfortunately, as college students, most of us don’t know what being an adult not in Trump’s America is like. Trump’s norms have infused our opinions about our country, at a moment when those opinions are only just being seriously formed. For me, because I don’t know what America was like before Trump, I don’t really know to what extent modern America has always been divided. While the media frequently suggests that American politics is on the verge of an existential crisis, I often don’t clearly understand what distinguishes this crisis from others in history. […]

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