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Season Of Grief

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Season Of Grief
Photo caption: A casket of a Muslim man, who recently passed away from what is believed to be the coronavirus, is brought to a van for burial at a busy Brooklyn funeral home on May 09, 2020 in New York City. Spencer Platt/Getty Images North America. Article by Callie Crossley.

The messages seem to come almost every day now. Texts and emails, from a friend or coworker, who has lost a parent, a sister or other loved one to COVID-19. My heart breaks for their losses. And I ache to comfort them with hugs, and soft words. But all I can do is reach out through technology, which is inherently cold and distant, though I’m grateful for the immediacy of the connection.

Nevertheless, I feel useless during a time when the need to stay safe necessarily overrules the longing for the traditional rituals and traditions to honor a loved one who has passed. How cruel that the threat of spreading the novel coronavirus can’t be ignored even in a time of deep pain. […]

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