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Social media platforms are going to war for online talent

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Social media platforms are going to war for online talentPhoto by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash.

Article by Kaya Yurieff.

CNN Business – March 19,2021.

(CNN Business) – When Katerina Horwitz started out as a social media influencer in 2016, she didn’t earn much money beyond a handful of sponsored posts. A few years later, Horwitz and her husband Yinon quit their day jobs, started a joint Instagram account and got creative with monetizing their 400,000 followers, including selling their own photo filters and building an app that offers editing templates for Instagram Stories.

But recently they’ve found a simpler revenue stream: earning money directly from social media companies. The couple received a nearly $30,000 payout from Snapchat from just one video they posted to the platform’s short-form video hub, Spotlight. They’ve also earned smaller sums from TikTok for being part of its creator fund, which pays social media influencers based on their number of video views.

“We love creating, but of course we’re going to go to the platform that pays us the most,” Horwitz told CNN Business. […]

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