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Can the clones beat Clubhouse?

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Can the clones beat Clubhouse?

Article written by David Pierce with help from Anna Kramer and Shakeel Hashim. Protocol (Source Code) –

Good morning! This Tuesday, the competition is catching up with Clubhouse, Sen. Mark Warner talks to Protocol about reforming Section 230, and Zoom has a new plan to keep growing.

Everybody’s coming for Clubhouse

Exclusivity can be a growth hack in a startup’s early days: Staying invite-only and iOS-only has given Clubhouse some shine, and surely made it easier to scale. But exclusivity becomes a problem when the competition starts to catch up. And Clubhouse may be about to feel that. […]

Picking the right Section 230 fight

Anna Kramer writes: Now that the Biden administration has settled into the White House and Congress managed to pass a coronavirus relief bill, attention is turning to some of this year’s proposals to reform the much-maligned protection for platforms and publishers. Protocol’s Issie Lapowsky and Emily Birnbaum interviewed Sen. Mark Warner at a Protocol event yesterday to talk about his reform proposal, the SAFE Tech Act, which proposes fairly substantial reforms to the law. […]

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