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Swarm Robots: Technology Inspired by Nature

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Swarm Robots: Technology Inspired by Nature

The swarming nature of insects and birds is inspiring researchers to implement it in robotics to create swarm robots that can work coordinatively to accomplish complex tasks.

Swarming is a collective behavior exhibited mostly by insects and birds when they aggregate together to accomplish tasks like migrating. Robots are already disrupting many industries, but there are certain tasks that can be enhanced further with the help of multiple robots working together. Take for instance the task of exploring a mine. For a single robot to explore a huge mine can be time-consuming. But if multiple robots explore a mine, it can be done quickly. Hence, inspired by the swarming nature of birds and insects, a new field of robotics is emerging that dedicates to making a multi-robot system that can implement the swarming nature in robots. These swarm robots can interact with their neighboring robots and environment based on a simple set of rules.  […]

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