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Technology and the empathy void: narcissism on the rise

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Technology and the empathy void: narcissism on the rise

To say technology has changed the world is an understatement. The post-industrial era – a term coined by French sociologist Alain Touraine in 1969 and later popularized in 1973 by sociologist Daniel Bell – marks the transition from a factory production-based economy, to a service-based economy. This era has brought with it a sense of autonomy, individualism and in many cases creativity. For decades now, we’ve sent our consciousnesses anywhere within seconds, via a phone call, email, or online story. And while the nomenclature for the lived experience (mine included) of this era is a bit difficult to capture, the phrase “empathy void” comes to mind as a possible feature of today’s post-industrial experience.

Interestingly, while the internet has connected more people than ever before, it could be argued that the strength of human connections has deteriorated with advancements in tech. […]

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