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Technology for all

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Technology for all
Photo credit: Adobe Stock. Article by Abraham Liu (Abraham Liu is Huawei’s Chief Representative to the European Institutions). Article sponsored by Huawei.

Many years ago, a scientist working for a global company convinced their boss to give them the staff, the money and the time to start a project that there was no apparent need for, that had no definite chance of success, and that would cost millions of dollars to implement. That project, unknown to all but a few of the employees, was ultimately the difference between the company being destroyed and it flourishing to become one of the world’s leading tech companies. That company was Huawei, and that scientist was a woman – He Tingbo.

She saw that Huawei needed to develop a “plan B”; a way to survive if the US decided to try to kill the company by cutting off its supply of chips. A graduate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Ms He joined Huawei in 1996. […]

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