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Technology in the age of COVID-19 no longer optional

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Technology in the age of COVID-19 no longer optional

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Welcome to the modern world. For the longest time, people had a choice. They could take care of business face-to-face and pay cash for their bills instead of going on the Internet. Not anymore.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and governments everywhere are doing everything they can to limit human contact. Even right here in the Gila Valley.

Most communities in the area were already moving to more online services, but some were further along than others.

In Safford, City Manager Horatio Skeete said employees have been hearing for years from people who complained they couldn’t visit town hall because they work the same hours the town hall was open.

As a result, the city had already implemented online bill pay. Now they’ve updated the city’s website to make it easier to navigate and are looking at other services they can offer online.

For now, there are some things that have to be handled in person. For example, people who are working with the city’s building department, Skeete said. […]

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