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Technology reshapes the construction sector in region

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Technology reshapes the construction sector in region
Photo caption: Construction technology is an increasingly important aspect of the future of construction

It could be a scene from the future: a robot printing sections of three-metre high walls using a light, quick drying cement, for transportation to a construction site and assembly – but the practise looks set to become increasingly common in the UAE. Since Dubai put itself on the global construction technology map with its 3D printing strategy, international companies have flocked to set up research hubs and offices. The first 3D printed buildings, such as the Dubai Future Foundation office, have been opened. […]

Key technologies that are taking off in a big way in the construction sector include Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, drones, virtual reality and augmented reality apps, smart sensors and 3D printing. The use of technology comes as the construction sector faces growing demands due to population growth, as well as increased emphasis on sustainability. […]

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