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The 15 Best Tech Stocks to Buy on the Dip in June

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The 15 Best Tech Stocks to Buy on the Dip in June

Image source: Shutterstock. Article by Luke Lango.

Red-hot tech stocks dipped in late May. These are the stocks in that winning group worth buying on the dip.

Tech stocks have led the huge stock market rally over the past three months, mostly because investors have seen technology companies as largely isolated from the novel coronavirus pandemic and, in some cases, as winners amid a shift away from the physical economy towards a digital one.

As such, tech stocks were the stocks to buy in March, April and May. Over those three months, the tech-heavy Nasdaq rose 8%, while the S&P 500 inched higher by just 1%.

Now, that’s all changing as we head into June.

Pandemic hysteria is calming down. The physical economy is reopening. The stay-at-home trade has faded, and a robust get-out-of-the-house rally has taken its place. Tech stocks have fallen. All other stocks have rallied, especially retail stocks, bank stocks and industrial stocks. […]

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