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The Chinese Economic Threat

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The Chinese Economic Threat

Photo caption: Workers rope a container ship at a port in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, February 11, 2020. (China Daily via Reuters). Article by Mathis Bitton – editorial intern at National Review.

As Sino–American relations continue to deteriorate, liberal democracies need to unite against China’s ever-expanding economic influence.

Over the past few months, the United States and China have clashed over technology, territory, economics, and political influence. The Trump administration has imposed a series of sanctions against the CCP’s mistreatment of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. The president has also signed the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, condemning the methodical dismemberment of Hong Kong’s democratic protests. When China responded with an oppressive “security” law, the White House proposed a bill punishing a long list of CCP officials and ending preferential trade treatment for Hong Kong. Last week, the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control prevented the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, an economic and paramilitary organization in charge of the Xinjiang region, from accessing American property and financial support. In a statement, Secretary Steve Mnuchin reaffirmed the administration’s desire to ban any economic transactions between CCP-adjacent companies and American citizens. […]

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