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The Economy Reimagined, Part 3: Climate and Technology

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The Economy Reimagined, Part 3: Climate and Technology

Photo caption: A maintenance boat works next to the turbines of an offshore wind farm. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images.

Marketplace Morning Report. Podcast hosted by David Brancaccio and Kimberly Adams.

Making the technological revolution more accessible, building a sustainable future and creating more jobs and a healthier populace while doing it.

The following is a transcript of “The Economy Reimagined,” a Marketplace special report.

David Brancaccio: With the tech economy generally still doing well in this very tough year, what’s to reimagine? Well, there is an argument for spreading it out. Here’s how Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., sees it.

Rep. Ro Khanna: I think we have to realize we’re going through a technology revolution that has benefited certain parts of this country. It’s actually right now what’s driving a lot of the stock market and growth, but a lot of people have been left out. And we have not been intentional about getting people a pathway to these jobs of the future. […]

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