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NFTs for Photographers: The Future of Digital Art and How to Get Started

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The Future of Digital Art and How to Get Started

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Welcome to the crazy wacky world of NFTs, the new digital art craze that is both the future of digital art and bubble just waiting to burst. I was so intrigued when I first heard about this that I got sucked in to hours and hours of watching videos and reading blog posts to try to understand what is going on and why. […]

NFT: Non-Fungible Token

A non-fungible token is a unit of data on a digital ledger called blockchain. It is like a certificate of authenticity for a digital item. It provides buyers with proof of ownership. In the digital world, where art is easily stolen, this is a big deal. The even bigger deal is that royalty can be built into the NFT. Now we’re interested! More coming on that below. But first a few more definitions. […]

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