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The work-from-home employee’s bill of rights

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The work-from-home employee’s bill of rights

Image: AllenSima / Getty Images / Thinkstock. Article bGalen Gruman. Computerworld – January 21, 2021.

Opinion:  In a WFH world, employees are entitled to these seven rights to do their work successfully.

Remote work became the new normal quickly as COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns came into force in spring 2020, and it’s clear that after the pandemic recedes, remote work will remain the norm for many employees — as much as half the deskbound “white collar” workforce, various research firms estimate. As a result of the sudden lockdowns, many employees had to create makeshift workspaces, buy or repurpose personal equipment, and figure out how to use new software and services to be able to keep doing their jobs. […]

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