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Through technology, the body is the focus of Erin Gee’s MacKenzie art exhibition

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Through technology, the body is the focus of Erin Gee's MacKenzie art exhibition

To The Sooe is the perfect Valentine’s Day art exhibition, Erin Gee joked after describing some of her artworks installed at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

Take the title piece: Two people can share a seat and listen from headphones. They’ll hear Gee’s voice reading Wuthering Heights, a classic romance by Emily Bronte — but they won’t recognize the words. Gee used a computer algorithm to interpret the novel. “To the sooe” is one of the phrases the artificial intelligence gleaned from the text. It began with “a whole bunch of consonants.” Then — “I love this section,” Gee said, pointing to the characters etched into a mirrored surface. “This is when it processes all the space between words … And then slowly it comes to the vowels and you can see it like slowly turn into language.” Inspired by autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), which uses sounds to stimulate bodily reactions, Gee began […]

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