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What Government Gets Wrong About Technology

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What Government Gets Wrong About Technology

For too long, tech has been someone else’s problem — something policymakers didn’t believe they needed to think about or even fully understand. It’s time to define what we want from a revolution that’s affecting everything.

There was a time when American governments were drivers of technological change, sponsoring the space age and making the early investments that led to the creation of the Internet. Those days are long over. Today, governments largely leave research and development to big companies and startups in Silicon Valley […]

The average state legislator has to cast votes on a wide variety of issues, ranging from taxes and public safety through education, health care, environmental policy and much else. No one is expected to be an expert on everything. Most lawmakers have one or two policy areas that they care about the most. For the rest, they largely take their cues from their colleagues on relevant committees, or perhaps the lobbyists they’ve learned to trust. But in contrast with agriculture policy or workforce development, there typically isn’t a standing technology or innovation committee. Some states have technology fellows embedded in the legislature, but none has a Department of the Future charged with thinking about how technology is integrating with and changing everything. […]

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