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Where Real Estate And Stocks Collide: Investing Takeaways

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Where Real Estate And Stocks Collide: Investing Takeaways

Data by YCharts. Article by Logan Kane | Seeking Alpha.


An interesting thing about Texas is the number of multimillionaires with little to no participation in the stock market.

Common alternatives to stocks include small business investments, real estate investing, and because it’s Texas, oil interests.

Looking at the real estate market provides insight into how stock market investors can make more money and vice versa.



Research shows that roughly half of Americans own stocks in one capacity or another, with the majority of participants only owning stock through a retirement plan. However, when you take away retirement accounts (which most people only have because their employers opt them in), around 15-20 percent of Americans own stocks and/or ETFs. Around 10-13 percent of people have an ownership interest in a business, with a slightly smaller percentage (7-10 percent) owning investment real estate. I think that there are a couple of takeaways here: […]

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