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Why a Digital Detox Is Exactly What You Need

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Why a Digital Detox Is Exactly What You Need

Image Credit: Unsplash. Article by John Hernandez.

As entrepreneurs and leaders in business, we can be passionate about technology. We’re often early adopters, seeing the opportunities before anyone else, and eager to share it with our network. But spending too much of our time in technology can harm us and even set us back.

Google “anxiety and cell phone use.” You’ll be amazed at what you find. Some studies mention the rising blood pressure rates when a smartphone is in proximity. Others mention how mental health has grown worse because of the increased use of social media and other digital tools.

While technology has made our lives better and more productive, the addiction and overuse of it can hurt us and limit our opportunities in life. When we choose to do a short digital detox, we begin to reset our bodies and minds. It’s a way to evaluate what is important in our lives, and it allows us to experience a more peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle. […]

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