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Why Christianity in America Is Subservient to Capitalism

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Why Christianity in America Is Subservient to Capitalism

The featured image is courtesy of Pixabay. Essay by George Stanciu.

The silence from the pulpit about the low-wage workers, 44% of the population, is disgraceful, although understandable, because Christianity in America has rarely challenged the ethos of capitalism. As a result, churches have virtually no role in political or economic life. […]

The Economic Decline of the Low-wage Worker

A low-wage workforce is not unique to Tyson Foods. Martha Ross and Nicole Bateman, both of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, calculated that “more than 53 million people—44 percent of all workers aged 18-64—are low-wage workers. They earn median hourly wages of $10.22 and median annual earnings of $17,950.”[12] Ross and Bateman attribute low wages to the near-elimination of private sector unions, to automation and the offshoring of manufacturing jobs, and to tax policies that favor corporations and the rich. […]

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