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Why My Teenager Still Doesn’t Have A Cell Phone

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Why My Teenager Still Doesn’t Have A Cell Phone

Photo: fizkes / Getty. Article by Elisha Beach. Scary Mommy – January 25, 2021.

My son has been begging me for a cell phone for the better part of two years now. It happens at least weekly, if not daily. He claims he is the only kid in school without a cell phone. Although kids tend to exaggerate, I actually believe him. You see, my kid is a teenager in the 8th grade and doesn’t have a cell phone. I still have no intention of getting him one any time soon, and here is why.

To me, having a cell phone is a very big privilege that has to be earned. I don’t think that kids should automatically get a cell phone just because they have reached a certain age or because “all” their friends have one. These little rectangular computers yield a lot of power. And cell phones shouldn’t be handed over to kids without a lot of thought and preparation on both the child’s and parent’s part. […]

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