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Apple and Google are teaming up to create a way for your smartphone to alert you if you’ve come into contact with someone infected with the coronavirus

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  • Apple and Google are working together on a new technology to track the spread of the coronavirus using Bluetooth.

  • Users who opt in would be able to receive alerts if they have might have come into contact with an infected person.

  • Both companies have reiterated that the system was being designed with privacy in mind.

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Google and Apple on Friday announced a joint effort to help governments and health agencies track the spread of the coronavirus through Bluetooth technology.

The new Bluetooth protocol, which the companies are calling Contact Tracing, could alert participants via their smartphone if they might have come into contact with an infected person, Apple’s white paper said.

The partnership would enable iOS and Android devices to communicate using apps from public-health authorities. The companies said they would do this by releasing a set of application programming interfaces, or APIs, in May that would enable interoperability between Android and iOS. […]

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