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Industry 4.0: the development of unique cybersecurity

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Industry 4.0: the development of unique cybersecurity

Article by David Shepherd.

David Shepherd, Area VP, Pre-Sales EMEA at Ivanti discusses the unique challenges that manufacturers face as organisations adopt industry 4.0 digital solutions.

Organisations in every sector are implementing digital solutions and upgrading legacy systems at an accelerating pace to effectively manage digital transition, and the manufacturing sector is no different. However, it’s important to note the sector faces unique cybersecurity challenges due to the made-to-measure nature of manufacturing systems, making the patching process and implementation of cybersecurity solutions increasingly complicated.

The criticality of the production line to the success of a manufacturing company has meant that security is often an afterthought. For these reasons, IT departments in the manufacturing sector have often been late adopters of enterprise IT and cybersecurity solutions. However, as digital technologies proliferate every aspect of our lives, the need to protect manufacturing IT systems is becoming increasingly pertinent. Over half of manufacturing organisations have experienced some kind of cyberattack, the cause of significant downtime and business continuity issues. Fortunately, 87% of manufacturing organisations now say cybersecurity is quickly becoming a key part of business continuity planning. […]

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