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Director of Technology Projects

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Director of Technology Projects

EFF is seeking a Director of Technology Projects to help lead our team of ethical technologists in defending encryption, outwitting censorship, and coding a better digital future. This is a senior leadership role within EFF, and will help guide the organization in charting its overall external technical strategy.

This role leads a 16-person external technical team (as opposed to the teams handling EFF’s internal technology and websites). This diverse team is anchored by EFF’s public interest technologists. EFF’s technologists actively collaborate with EFF lawyers and activists to devise legal, activism, and policy strategies. They ensure all of EFF’s work is technically sound and focused on the most important technology issues. EFF hired the first public interest technologists and pioneered the idea of technical advice embedded in policy, activism, and legal work, and we remain the world’s leader in this. One of EFF’s technologists is engaged full-time as a public interest technologist, but all of them assist in this work. […]

Necessary skills and knowledge:

  • Proven, deep technical knowledge relevant to EFF’s primary technical challenges. Basic knowledge of encryption is necessary, and deeper knowledge is desired but not required for this position. Basic knowledge of online tracking is necessary, and deeper knowledge is desired but not required.
  • Facility in identifying, articulating, and formulating responses to civil liberties issues in technologies.
  • Ability to investigate and explain complex technical topics to lay audiences with kindness and clarity.
  • Ability to see trends within the tech industry, think through their ultimate implications, and formulate strategies based on those implications
  • A collaborative approach to problem solving which prioritizes finding the best solution for EFF over personal gain or team interests.
  • An ability to work well with people of all backgrounds. […]

To apply:  Please submit your resume, a cover letter, and at least 2 links to publicly-available writings you have published on topics related to digital rights.

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