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Elastopave®: BASF’s Permeable Concrete Technology

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Elastopave®: BASF's Permeable Concrete Technology

Image Credit: Moshbidon/Shutterstock.com Article by Reginald Davey.

As urbanization increases in the modern world, there is a need for new materials that can rise to the challenge faced by modern industry and urban planners. In recent years, scientists working within the field of materials sciences have developed many unique solutions for the growing demand across multiple sectors.

Polyurethane surfaces are an interesting development in recent years. Elastopave®, a new pervious concrete material developed by BASF, is promising to fulfill a myriad of needs in modern industry and society. Sustainability is one major issue and Elastopave® is particularly suited to address this. […]

Video Credit: BASF/YouTube.com

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