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For work from home, technology’s convenience matters more than its power

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For work from home, technology’s convenience matters more than its power

Photo caption: As Polaroid demonstrated, a technology’s convenience sometimes outweighs its raw power and performance. Image Credit: Adrian Korte/Flickr. Article by Jeremy Horwitz.

Over the years I’ve worked as a technology journalist, I’ve been lucky enough to watch multiple product categories evolve from their earliest days to maturity and sometimes sunsetting — a cyclical process that is rarely identical between different types of products, but often has similarities from category to category. One common thread I’ve noticed is that at some point, multiple products within a category tend to become similar (or satisfactory) enough in horsepower that those differences matter less than a critical convenience one offers over the others, so the “winner” isn’t the strongest or most diverse alternative, but rather the one with the best user experience.

For better or worse, the coronavirus pandemic abruptly pushed much of the labor force into the cold water tank of working from home, and many companies are signaling that this change will continue for months after public spaces reopen. Companies such as Apple have reported notable upticks in their sales of traditional and tablet computers for use in home offices, but regardless of the platform or devices you or your employer prefer, the focus today should be on convenience and user experience, not just raw horsepower. […]

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