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Seven technologies and trends the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate

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Seven technologies and trends the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate

Photo: Unsplash. Article by Paul Gillin.

Crisis plants the seeds of ingenuity, and as the world struggles out of the COVID-19 pandemic and into an unknown new normal, it’s clear that entire industries will be transformed by innovations that have emerged to combat the disease.

Store closures may accelerate in the retail industry, which was already reeling, but new e-commerce applications could fundamentally remake online retailing. Software is emerging to enable sales professionals who can no longer meet with customers to conduct business remotely and asynchronously. The business travel industry may be in for a long drought, but videoconferencing, augmented reality and collaboration platforms will flourish. And health care, a perennial laggard in technology-driven transformation, has just been rocketed into the future.

One thing nearly everyone agrees is that the march toward “digital transformation,” a buzzy term for realigning decision-making and customer relations around digital tools, will accelerate as businesses have been forced to make the rapid switch to digital tools. […]

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