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How cloud-native observability is transforming enterprise technology

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How cloud-native observability is transforming enterprise technology

Photo: Kate Ter Haar/Flickr. Analysis by Jason Bloomberg.

In the world of information technology operations, observability extends the principles of IT monitoring by pulling together data from logs, metrics, traces and events to empower operators to identify root causes of issues and resolve them quickly.

Cloud-native observability, in turn, extends these capabilities to Kubernetes and, by extension, the full gamut of multicloud hybrid IT.

Cloud-native observability is not only relevant to organizations that are implementing Kubernetes, however. As cloud-native computing represents a paradigm shift in enterprise IT, the observability part of the story also reflects new ways of leveraging technology to manage increasingly complex IT infrastructure.

To illustrate these new approaches, I spoke with 10 vendors that are leading the charge with cloud-native observability innovation. These innovations follow three main themes, each of which represents an aspect of cloud-native paradigm shift that is changing everything about how we run technology in our organizations. […]

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