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How Technology and Internet Devices Can Harm Your Health

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How Technology and Internet Devices Can Harm Your Health

It’s part of our evolutionary development and survival instinct to have an interest in what’s happening around us, find ways to communicate, form social networks, and keep ourselves mentally stimulated. For many people, technology and internet-enabled devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and televisions play an important role in this respect, and the wide availability of such devices means that staying in touch with friends or keeping abreast of news and developments has never been easier. […]

In terms of protecting ourselves and finding an optimum level of usage, an important place to start is fostering an awareness of the risks associated with overusing technology and internet devices, as well as being honest with ourselves about current levels of engagement.

This needs to be combined with a determination to prioritize taking care of our physical and mental health, including being proactive with regards to cultivating meaningful offline relationships, social interactions, interests and hobbies (including some hobbies or activities that involve being physically active). In addition to these more general wellbeing principles, the following three techniques are specifically intended to help us engage with technology and internet-enabled devices in a balanced and healthy manner […]

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