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How Technology Is Reshaping Art to Make Us Rethink Our World

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How Technology Is Reshaping Art to Make Us Rethink Our World

Photo caption: Drue Kataoka amidst Drue Kataoka Studios’ Ambrosia artworks. Photo courtesy of Drue Kataoka Studios. Interview by Emily Cegielski. Worth Media –  September 30, 2020

Artist-technologist-activist Drue Kataoka recently took the time to speak with Worth about the art-tech space, the broken gallery system and the future of art and creativity.

As the CEO of Silicon Valley’s leading art studio Drue Kataoka Studios, artist-technologist-activist Drue Kataoka is leading the way into the future. Her commissioned artwork, which spans genres from steel sculpture and painting to virtual reality and EEG brainwaves, is at the forefront of democratizing art and, in the process, creating massive social impact.

For Kataoka, creating art permeated with technology came naturally to her. “I believe that art is technology, and technology is art, that the two are on a continuum,” Kataoka told Worth. “When a work of art reaches its highest form, it becomes a type of technology. When a piece of technology reaches its highest form, we call it art.” […]


Portrait of Drue Kataoka • #WomenInCulture

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