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Is digital art coming of age under Covid?

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Is digital art coming of age under Covid?
Image caption: David_Leshem – Stock.Adobe.com. Article by Brian McKenna,

Israeli startup Niio is advancing a digital art platform comparable with Spotify. Is the digital medium for high art coming of age in these Covid times?

At a time when museums and art galleries have closed their doors to art lovers, has the time come for digital art? Art that has been digitised, but also art that is born digital, especially video art?

At a time, also, when anyone with a smartphone can publish images and video, what is the specific value of digital art – art that collectors will spend thousands, indeed hundreds of thousands, of their currency of choice on, so long as its scarcity can be verified?

Niio is an Israeli startup company, with a software development centre in Ukraine, that offers artists and their buyers a platform on which to publish and consume art. It uses blockchain technology to create a permanent bond, says its CEO Rob Anders, between a creator and their artefact, and artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise digital art for consumers of it – just as Spotify does for music and Netflix does for film. […]

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