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NORAD is tracking Santa. Why aren’t we tracking our government’s complicity in Santa’s lies?

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NORAD is tracking Santa. Why aren't we tracking our government's complicity in Santa's lies?

Image: Adrian Lam / NBC News. Opinion of Sam Thielman, reporter and cultural critic.

As a nation, we cannot begin to heal until we confront our government’s web of shameless lies about the clear menace of Santa Claus.

On Saturday, at a forum moderated by the neurosurgeon and journalist Sanjay Gupta, veteran anchor Erica Hill and two of the least embarrassing figures in American news media — Big Bird and Elmo — Dr. Anthony Fauci flatly contradicted his earlier assertion that Santa is immune to Covid-19 and instead said that he had traveled to the North Pole to administer a vaccination directly to the spirit of Christmas himself. […]

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