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Study Finds the Color of Ride-Hailing Is Not Green

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Study Finds the Color of Ride-Hailing Is Not Green

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel) Article by Sandy Smith.

Our weekly “New Starts” roundup of new and newsworthy transportation developments in the U.S. and around the world.

Study Finds Ride-Hailing Pumps More Carbon Into the Atmosphere

Ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber promote themselves as greener options for getting around. These services argue that by replacing multiple single-occupant rides in private cars with chained rides, they help reduce congestion and greenhouse-gas emissions. A study by the Union of Concerned Scientists released this week, “Ride-Hailing’s Climate Risks: Steering a Growing Industry Toward a Clean Transportation Future,” found the opposite was the case. As reported in Metro Magazine, the study found that ride-hailing actually increases carbon emissions — by 69 percent, according to the study — compared with trips in private vehicles. […]

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