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The 7 secrets to a great conversation

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The 7 secrets to a great conversation

Source Image: Balakovo / iStock. Article by Fred Dust.

Meaningful conversations don’t just happen—they have to be designed. Here’s how.

Nowadays, everyone I meet—friends and colleagues, even strangers at dinner parties—keeps asking me some variation of the same question: “I had this conversation today and it just didn’t work. What do you think I did wrong?”

The headmaster of a school wondering how she could better handle hard conversations with the powerful and wealthy parents of her students. A CEO trying to navigate decisiveness with prudence. A mother in anguish because her daughter’s anorexia has turned the family dinner table into a war zone. A board meeting that went wrong over a single word. A senior member of a police force struggling to talk with her officers about ethics. […]

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