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The best DSLR cameras for 2021

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The best DSLR cameras for 2021

Photo: Daven Mathies / Digital Trends. Article by Hillary K. Grigonis and Daven Mathies. Digital Trends – February 8, 2021.

When you’re ready to shoot seriously, these are the best DSLRs you can buy

DSLR (digital single-lens reflector) cameras may be bulkier than their mirrorless counterparts, but that doesn’t prevent them from producing beautiful, high-quality images. DSLR cameras let you have the experience of seeing directly through the lens with the mirrored optical viewfinder and in many cases, the battery life is better.

The Nikon D780 is the best DSLR you can buy. Its great performance for both viewfinder and live-view shooting, along with a very capable video mode, make it a fantastic choice for photo enthusiasts and even some professionals.

While we would recommend taking a look at the best mirrorless cameras, if you’re set on a DSLR, these are our current favorites. […]

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