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Understanding Different Image File Formats and the Mysterious YUV

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What is Intelligent Photography? Part III: Understanding Different Image File Formats and the Mysterious YUV

Pixabay photo: Lake Louise, Canada. Original article by Visidon – March 16, 2021. Reprinted by Edge AI and Vision Alliance – May 17, 2021.

As discussed in previous blog articles, taking a photo means that your camera is capturing data, which is used to create a digital image. Every graphic you see on a display is an image file. Image files come in a variety of formats, and each is optimized for a specific use. The choice for the image file depends on the required level of quality and the level of post-processing needed.

As one of the main technology providers for embedded imaging solutions, we are considering the choice based on our experience. The formats presented here are discovered to be the most optimal ones for mobile imaging solutions with requirements for fast computing, low power, and low memory use.

Let´s go through some of the most common formats in image file size order and how they affect to the end result. […]

Visidon Blog Post Series: What is intelligent photography?

Part I: What is a good picture?

Part II: Image enhancement techniques.

Part III: Understanding different image file formats and the mysterious YUV.

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