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You’re Invited to: “The Gift of Harmony!”

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You’re Invited to: “The Gift of Harmony!”

Article by KC Studio.

Imagine a seven year old learning violin for the first time…all online! The students and Teaching Artists of Harmony Project KC have been tackling the challenges of online learning since March. The program expanded hours to help students with tuning at home, mailed out sheet music, and connected families with the necessary technology to access their music lessons. […]

The students of Harmony Project KC are coming together to bring you “The Gift of Harmony” this holiday season! This virtual event is made possible through the tireless and heroic efforts of Mr. Michael Gordon, who has taken on the role of video and audio engineer! Although most know him as the Principal Flute for the Kansas City Symphony, to students, Mr. Mike is a Board Member of the Northeast Community Center. […]

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