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Zoomification of society: Tech’s influence (and necessity) was impossible to ignore in 2020

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Zoomification of society: Tech's influence (and necessity) was impossible to ignore in 2020

Image: Mark Pernice / for NBC News. Article by David Ingram.

In 2020, we chatted over Zoom. Exercised with Peloton. Dined with DoorDash. Shopped with Instacart. Meditated with Headspace.

In retrospect, maybe we weren’t using the internet enough.

That might have been an absurd idea back in 2019, when “screen time” and the addictiveness of social media got widespread attention. It was the year that saw a political backlash against the tech industry take root, coupled with growing public pushback from people within the tech industry who feared they’d built monsters they couldn’t control.

But after a pandemic year that pushed more of life online, the idea of spending even more time on the internet doesn’t sound so crazy anymore. And that might change how some people feel about technology or even make them a little more grateful. […]

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